Risk Score Improvement Solutions

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Our cloud-based platform pinpoints gaps in patient care, risk assessment and provider-recommended documentation.  By utilizing Salutics’ HIE, physicians, Accountable Care Organizations and other healthcare providers can locate missing records or find undocumented information.

We accumulate several different forms of information, including administrative claims, prescription medication, adherence data, diagnostic results, provider encounter history and other supplemental datasets.  Data is collected or provided by individual doctors and patients and can be used to paint a more complete picture of patient health and diagnoses.

Clinically-driven algorithms apply thousands of predictive analytics routines to determine gaps between known and suspected diagnoses and comorbidities. Our patient data warehouse reveals the complete spectrum of risk score accuracy and quality score improvement opportunities across 11.7 billion medical events. Our deep, cloud-based analytics identify patient-level clinical inconsistencies across various care settings with greater specificity and fewer risks than otherwise available. By applying a multi-channel approach and top-tier analytics, our solution identifies the best intervention for the right patient at the right time. With comprehensive targeting and execution of these interventions, we can push your health plans toward more meaningful values and higher impact.